Ahaban Green Christmas kicks off with a Green Camp in Adumasa

Our first Ahaban Green Christmas project kicked off with a trip to the little Republic of Adumasa. We stopped by the Chief’s palace to pay a courtesy call and brief him on our intentions. We were warmly welcomed by the Chief, Nana Ansah Kwao IV and his wife, Oheneyere Gifty Anti. After proceedings, we headed to the Awoa Dansoa Library to start with the day’s activities.

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Children were divided into various groups for the Art, Bead-making, Tie/Dye and Drumming & Dancing sessions.

Children from kindergarten to early primary stages had a super fun art session. They drew things in and around their communities & library that inspired them.

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In the Bead-making session, the enthusiasm the kids showed during the season was over-whelming. We had four groups which produced beautiful key-holders, wrist beads & necklaces.

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During the tie/dye session, our volunteers gave the children a detailed demonstration on tie/dye. The children were so attentive and learned so fast they ran through the process in no time.

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Thanks to the Ministry of Tourism, a fraction of the children got to polish their talent in drumming & dancing with Antonio & his team of professional traditional drumming & dance instructors.

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One important part of our Ahaban Green Camps is the reading sessions. We had various groups consisting of not more than five children who read along with a volunteer. Their improvement in reading and lesson recall gives us hope that they’ll keep putting the library to good use.

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At the end of the sessions, outstanding participants got to share the newly learnt skills with the community. Outstanding children were rewarded for the efforts and later on goodies were shared to every child to kick off the Christmas festivities.

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Many thanks to Oheneyere Gifty Anti, Dotkad Mini Mart and not forgetting our volunteers that took time to come and spend time with the children.WhatsApp Image 2018-12-01 at 22.23.41and spend time with the children.


Ahaban Green Camp – 6th Edition

The 6th edition of the Ahaban Green Camp Session happened on 19th May 2018 at Kathy Knowles Community Library.

We started off with a reading session in four (4) groups which were assisted by Ahaban volunteers. The kids read books on moral lessons in life which came in different titles like Humility, Generosity, Honesty, Truth etc. After reading, they were asked questions and what lessons they picked up from the stories read.

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We then moved on to the next session which were the Screen Printing and Bead Making Sessions. The kids were divided into two groups. A practical example of the bead making was done to show them how to create a bracelet  there after they were asked to try their hands on them. Awesome bracelets were produced by the kids. In the screen printing group on the other hand, the kids were shown the basic steps of the screen printing process after which they tried their hands on them.

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The kids were treated to refreshments after the session.

Huge thanks going out to the Director and workers of the Kathy Knowles Community Library for given us the opportunity to have time with the kids and help them learn new skills. Secondly, big thanks to Mrs. Pascaline Songsore for donating books to the Green Camp Session and not forgetting our volunteers that came through to help out.



Ahaban Green Camp at Kathy Knowles Community Library

Our second #AhabanGreenCampSession of 2018 which would involve Reading, Bead Making, Tye/Dye and Screen Printing Session and many more comes off on the 24th March 2018 at Kathy Knowles Community Library, Osu. If you are interested in volunteering with our team for this project comment below or call +233 054 370 2806
You can also donate via the short code *713*2334# across all mobile money networks.
Give and Grow!

Ahaban Green Camp – New Horizon Special School

Our first project of the year, Ahaban Green Camp was held on Friday 26th January at New Horizon Special School with Bead Making, Screen Printing and Tie and Dye as part of the activities to be done with some of the kids.

Activities started around 10:00 and we had volunteers divided into two groups in which some were in the beading class and the others in the screen printing and tie and dye class.

The kids were taught how to make customized beads, a sample was done to show them how its made. Four volunteers assisted the kids in making these beads and to their knowledge they were able to produce 20 customized beads.

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The screen printing class which was led by Mr Samuel Wilson, explained to the class how the mesh and other material are been laid on the wood to get a screen for printing. After that he then showed them how to make samples for the screen printing. After tutorials the kids tried their hands on it and produced awesome samples.

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After this we proceeded to the tie and dye session.  The whole ideas of the this was to teach the kids how to tie and dye with T-shirts. We taught them how to mix the acids and colour to get the desired dye. After that each kid was given a piece of cloth to tie into their desired style. The dye was poured onto each tied cloth to achieve the colour. They were assisted by volunteers to tie up the T shirts to produce the final work and we had such beautiful designs and patterns created through the process.

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We like to thank the principal of New Horizon Special School for opening their doors to us to spend time and teach the kids these skills. Big thanks to our awesome volunteers who also made time out of their busy schedules.

Stay tuned for our next Ahaban Green Camp.

Give and Grow!


#AhabanGreenCamp 2 – Bead Making And Painting Session

Our 2nd Green Camp Session took off on 21st July 2017 at ECHOING HILLS, Madina.

The project began at 9am with the bead making session headed by Adwoa Darkoa and seven Ahaban volunteers who were present together with twenty kids and a few of their caretakers. The kids were eager to learn the process of making customized beads and extremely excited when some of them got the opportunity to try out what they had been taught. A total of eighteen beads were made by the children with little or no assistance from the volunteers.

IMG_7301 IMG_7309 IMG_7319 IMG_7331 IMG_7332 IMG_7334 IMG_7337

The painting session also began at 1pm. A team of four called QJ NATION made up of three men and a lady joined the volunteers and together taught the kids to paint and make various artwork on pieces of cardboard. By 3pm, the painting session was over to mark the end of the day’s program.

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Special thanks to Tropical Blendz for gracing us with some awesome juice which was given to the kids after a hardwork done and definitely not forgetting our awesome volunteers who showed up to help make this project a success.