We're on a mission, Our Objectives

Giving back

We believe that we have the capacity to change and accelerate Africa’s development through the act of giving. We’ll care for and feed as well as help build in communities that need basic infrastructure.

Holistic Outreach

We believe in holistic outreach programs which reflect in our long term projects (causes). These projects will help develop talent and academic potentials with the longterm goal of transforming lives.


We believe that the fight against poverty, hunger, and disease begins by educating the youth. So we seek to educate, and inspire the millions of young minds we’ll reach by sharing knowledge & experiences.

Job Creation

It’s not enough to just donate in cash or kind. We believe that teaching the people in deprived communities to generate income from various skills and talents is one step towards overcoming the challenge of poverty.


We offer support to other NGO’s and charity groups by sponsoring or partnering with you. If its not funding you need we’ll be glad to offer volunteer support; if and when possible, we may be able to do both.

Health & Wellness

They say the key to a happy life is good health. We intend to ensure that the young kids in various communities have access to quality health care. We also intend to run health campaigns to help curb disease outbreaks.