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General Questions

General Questions

Ahaban – The Green Leaf Foundation is registered in Accra-Ghana (West Africa). Our main activities and work base is in Accra but we reach out to many communities across the country and with time will do so across Africa.

Yes there are. Once you download the volunteer form there are options for to tick in what capacity you would like to work in. Be sure to tick (Administrative/Management). With this information we’ll be sure to alert you once there is a vacancy.

Yes we are registered. Ahaban GLF is registered under Ghana’s Companies Codes, 1963, Act 179 and recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization with registration No. CG167462015

70% of all donations go directly to our various causes. You can go ahead and specify which particular cause you’d want your donation to fund. The remaining 30% goes into running & sustaining Ahaban GLF.