World Children’s Day

Children have their rights denied every single day. Today is World Children’s Day, but it is no different.

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) aims to build a world where every child has the right to basic human needs such as freedom, food, water, shelter and education.

“World Children’s Day is a fun day with a serious message,” said the 14-year-old actor — who symbolically changed her name to Millie Bobby ‘Blue’ to mark the occasion. “It is a day where all children are encouraged to speak out about what matters to them, like education, safe spaces to learn and play, and positive environments. By going blue for UNICEF on this day, we are demanding the world provide a brighter future for kids.”

UNICEF works in 190 countries with the primary goal of saving children’s lives and defending their rights. Unfortunately, due to numerous humanitarian crises, millions of children worldwide live in complicated conditions.

Go Blue