In our attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and contribute to the fight
against this global pandemic, we’ve decided to put certain measures in place
to protect both volunteers and beneficiaries of our charitable projects. As such
please take note of the following:

⁃ The Ahaban Benefit Concert has been postponed till further notice.

⁃ All Ahaban outreach programs including Mobile Shelters & Green
Camps are on hold for now. Our outreach teams do not have the
requisite protective gear to prevent the spread or detection of
COVID-19. As such it would be best to hold off on any activities
that may put our beneficiaries and volunteers at risk of being infected
or spreading the virus to others.

These measures are in line with the suggested preventive method of avoiding
gatherings that might put people at risk of spreading COVID19. As we wait for
this to blow over, we will be focusing our efforts on spreading the word on
preventive measures:

– Wash your hands frequently with soap and running water for at least

– Use hand sanitisers as much as possible, and remember to dispose of
any tissue paper you cough or sneeze in immediately after use.

– Please call the emergency lines provided below if you experience any
of the COVID-19 symptoms.

0552222004, 0552222005, 0509497700 & 0558439868

It’s unfortunate that this global pandemic comes at a time of our 5th
anniversary, but let’s continue to look out for each other by spreading the word
of prevention, and the hope of recovery for any persons already infected.

Antoine Mensah
(Director: Ahaban GLF)