#GreenAtHeart – 24-Year-Old Ghanaian Develops An App for Autistic Children

Living with autism in Ghana has just been made more bearable since HopeSetters, an autism center, came out with a locally configured autism  app that helps children with autism receive better education.

Speaking of her motivation, 24-year-old Alice Amoako  says that her desire to ease the strain of teaching and learning among children with special needs informed her decision to develop the app.


“I visited an autism centre and had interactions with the caregivers and children, and I realized there was a need to help raise awareness. In my final year in the university, I had to do a project to complete my studies, and we developed the app,” she said.

Ghana currently has no official documentation or statistics on the state of children with autism; however, a recent report indicates that 1 in 87 children in Ghana under the age of 3 have autism with the neurological disorder being 4 times more prevalent in boys than in girls.

Credit : Charles Ayitey (www.face2faceafrica.com)