Ebenezer’s Brain Surgery

brain tumore for website

Ahaban GLF is raising funds for brain tumor surgery for Ebenezer Oppong. Ebenezer is a 20 year old banking and finance student at UPSA. He developed a brain tumor and is fighting for his life.

Ahaban Green Camps

Ahaban Green Camps

The Ahaban Green Camps program is a monthly mentorship & vocational training program. We’ll be teaming up with professionals  to teach, mentor and train underprivileged children how to harness their talents & skills to make a living.

The Ahaban Educational Fund

The Ahaban Educational Fund-1

The Ahaban Educational fund was created to give deprived kids a chance at education. Help us out by donating to the educational fund. Our goal is to sponsor the education of 50 kids across the country by the end of the 2016.

Monthly Clothing Donations

Ahaban Clothing Donation Drive

One of the monthly activities we’ve decided to carry out is a clothing donation to two major communities (taking care of needy children and adults) as well as the direct underprivileged communities themselves.