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#GreenAtHeart – US Based Ghanaian Producer Nana Kwabena Supports The Fight Against Sickle Cell

US based Ghanaian producer and DJ, Nana Kwabena Tuffour grew up with sickle cell.

Despite having the sickle cell trait, he pushed and attended the University Of Pennsylvania where he studied Biology and Chemistry which were steps to become a medical doctor and research on sickle cell.

“All the things that make us different are actually our superpowers. When you embrace those differences, its when people respond to it.”

For Kwabena, music and sickle cell are connected.

While growing up in the hospital, he created his own music from the beeps and blips just to drown the noises of the those sounds.

“Music has always been part of my life. If didn’t have sickle cell, I wouldn’t have taken it seriously.”

Kwabena realized that the social stigma behind sickle cell is just as pressing as the disease itself.

He set up a foundation called “AllOneBlood”, a non profit organization that spreads awareness which involves composing mini documentaries featuring musicians who are impacted by the disease and raise funds for people living with the disease.

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