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Ahaban GLF Mobile Shelter Program

Our first AHABAN MOBILE SHELTER PROGRAM kicked off on 5th August 2017 at Christ The King Parish Church. The program was sorely into Medical Screening(Hepatitis b & Malaria) and food donation exercise.

We had a total number of 61 kids for the medical screening with the help of our awesome medical team. The program started at 9:45 am with an introduction of what the whole exercise is about and word of encouragement to the kids by program coordinator Adwoa Darkoa, then proceeded to an opening prayer by a Priest and finally a short talk by one of the medical assistant.
After all these the screening started in sections, kids went through first section which was checking their pressure, weight and height, moved on to the next section which was taking samples of their blood for hepatitis b and malaria test, moved onto the next to check their sugar level and last but not the least checking their vitals, all these were recorded onto medical slips. After all the tests being taken the final stage was testing the samples to get results for hepatitis b and malaria.

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We got a DJ to entertain the kids through the exercise , food, drinks and cookies  were served to the kids.
We were privileged to have the likes of Eli Kharis and Regina Van-Helvert volunteering alongside with our volunteers. The exercise ended around 2:00pm .

A big thank you to Christ The King for allowing us use their premises for this exercise. Special thanks to our sponsors, Rese Bakes, Mensdo Bissap , Cuppa Cappuccino, Frozzensecond, Yes Chef and last but not the least our dedicated volunteers that showed up.



#AhabanGreenCamp 2 – Bead Making And Painting Session

Our 2nd Green Camp Session took off on 21st July 2017 at ECHOING HILLS, Madina.

The project began at 9am with the bead making session headed by Adwoa Darkoa and seven Ahaban volunteers who were present together with twenty kids and a few of their caretakers. The kids were eager to learn the process of making customized beads and extremely excited when some of them got the opportunity to try out what they had been taught. A total of eighteen beads were made by the children with little or no assistance from the volunteers.

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The painting session also began at 1pm. A team of four called QJ NATION made up of three men and a lady joined the volunteers and together taught the kids to paint and make various artwork on pieces of cardboard. By 3pm, the painting session was over to mark the end of the day’s program.

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Special thanks to Tropical Blendz for gracing us with some awesome juice which was given to the kids after a hardwork done and definitely not forgetting our awesome volunteers who showed up to help make this project a success.



#GreenAtHeart – Madonna Opens A Children’s Hospital In Malawi

Madonna opened a children’s hospital in Malawi on Tuesday. The hospital is called Mercy James, and is named after one of the pop star’s adopted daughters. The hospital was funded by the singer’s Raising Malawi charity, which she founded in 2006.

The state-of-the-art children’s hospital is located in Blantyre, Malawi.
Madonna said in a statement ahead of the opening ceremony that “Malawi has enriched my family more than I could have ever imagined.”
“It’s important for me to make sure all my children from the country maintain a strong connection to their birth nation, and equally important to show them that together, humans have the power to change the world for the better,” she said.


The medical facility also boasts a playroom, an outdoor play structure and inspirational murals curated by Madonna and created by artists she brought to the country.
Credit: www.edition.cnn.com
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#AhabanGreenCampSession – Bead Making With The Kids At Dzorwulu Special School

On 23rd June 2017, Ahaban GLF had the opportunity to teach the vocational skills class at Dzorwulu Special School. This was in conjunction with the Green Camp project which is a monthly membership and vocational training program.

The activity which took place was teaching the kids how to make customized and non customized bracelet with the help of some volunteers.

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From series of demonstrations and tutorials from our project head Adwoa, the kids grasped the basics and went along to make their own customized beads with the help of some of our volunteers who were present.

beads 1

After some minutes, the kids produced awesome sets of customized “Give and Grow” Beads.

beads 2


Kudos to the kids of Dzorwulu Special School for producing awesome bead bracelets and to their teachers for giving us the opportunity to come by and teach them. Not forgetting our volunteers who showed up to help that day.

Be sure to keep your eyes glued to our social media pages to find out our next “Ahaban Green Camp Session”

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#GreenAtHeart – DJ Khaled spearheads ‘GetSchooled’ Major Keys Campaign

In 2016, DJ Khaled joined forces with Get Schooled, a non-profit organization that aims to increase high school graduation rates as well as help youth succeed in college. The partnership resulted in the launch of the Major Keys Campaign, which provided students seven “Keys” on topics like financial management, decision-making, and healthy living. The campaign has since reached more than 250 million people through the media, and it recently nabbed the 2017 Shorty Award in the Social Good Category.

The Major Keys Campaign aims to help students who want to go to college, but have little access to information or support to get them to and through a postsecondary education. Research suggests that first generation college students face a range of barriers upon enrolling in college including: academic unpreparedness, low academic self-esteem, familial support, and little financial stability. The campaign aims to address these challenges by giving students access to support, tools and information in an engaging and compelling ways, including leveraging social media, digital badging and gamification.
“I am grateful for the positive impact we have had on so many young people and even more grateful for their talent and leadership,” Khaled said in a press release. “I am excited to work with Get Schooled to inspire and engage even more young people next year.”


World Sickle Cell Awareness Day

World Sickle Cell Day (World Sickle Cell Awareness Day) is an annual global public health campaign held on June 19. It focuses on raising awareness of sickle-cell disease, also known as sickle-cell anemia, which is the most frequent genetic disorder worldwide.

Sickle-cell disease (SCD) is a hereditary blood disorder, characterized by an abnormality in the oxygen-carrying hemoglobin molecule in red blood cells. Affected cells assume an abnormal sickle-like shape, hence the name of the disease.

SCD may lead to a number of complications, some of which may cause death. The most common health problems associated with SCD are sickle-cell crisis (an acute condition characterized with severe pain attacks), severe infections and stroke. These complications can be prevented, but only if a person with SCD has access to adequate health care facilities.

Almost 300,000 children are born with SCD and over 100,000 people die due to it each year. The highest frequency of the disorder is found in tropical regions, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and the West Indies.

On the occasion of World Sickle Cell Day, health organizations throughout he world organize events and activities aimed at raising awareness of sickle-cell anemia and the importance of its research.

albin day

International Albinism Awareness Day: #NoGhosts

International Albinism Awareness day is observed today (Tuesday) across the globe with an aim to stop the brutalities against people with albinism. Albinism is a genetic condition resulting in little or no pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes.

In several cultures around the world, and particularly in many African countries, people with albinism live in constant fear of murder.

Hundreds of albinos have been brutally murdered and mutilated in African countries in the past decades. Local superstitions claim their body parts can bring luck and prosperity. Another widespread rumour is that albinos are evil spirits.

The country with the highest percentage of albinos is believed to be Tanzania. In 2013, an independent documentary called “In the Shadow of the Sun” was released. The film by director Harry Freeland tells the story of Josephat Torner from Tanzania, who has albinism. Together, they spent years travelling around Tanzania to spread information about the widely misunderstood disorder.

The documentary, along with several other films, has been a powerful tool in the fight against persecution of people with albinism.

International Albinism Awareness Day was adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 18, 2014.


The resolution “encourages UN Member States to continue their efforts to protect and preserve the rights of persons with albinism to life, dignity and security, as well as their right not to be subject to torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and to continue their efforts to ensure equal access for persons with albinism to employment, education, justice and the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health.”



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Ahaban GLF Teams Up With Environment 360 To Fight Plastic Waste on World Environment Day

On the 2nd of June, five Ahaban volunteers embarked on a project with Environment 360 to sensitize drivers and their mates, passengers and vendors at the 37 Lorry Station about the need to separate plastic waste from others and the need to recycle as part of World Environment Day Celebrations. Segregation bags were also given out to the people for the collection of their plastic waste.

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It begun with a word of prayer, then the volunteers were given instructions and divided into groups to speak to the indigenes of the station. The interest of our audience was great to the extent that they rushed off after listening to call their friends and colleagues to listen to the message we had for them about controlling plastic waste and its harmful effect to the community and the planet as a whole.

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In the end, our audience gained much more knowledge of proper disposing methods of plastics and the volunteers were also awarded with the smiles and enthusiasm of their audience.

At the end of the program, Fan Ice Ghana refreshed the volunteers, along with Beta Malt.

Huge thanks to our volunteers that came to out to help and to Environment 360 for spearheading the campaign.

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#GreenAtHeart – The Weeknd Donates $100,000 To French Montana’s “Unforgettable” Campaign

The RnB singer, The Weeknd donated $100,000 to help French Montana’s “Unforgettable” campaign.

The singer has reportedly donated $100,000 to the Suubi Health Center, a maternity and children’s medical facility in Budondo, Uganda. The ‘Starboy’ hitmaker was inspired to support the center after learning of his friend French Montana‘s work with Global Citizen and Mama Hope to help raise awareness for Suubi and the people of

The Weeknd’s donation enabled Suubi to complete construction of the first floor of the maternity clinic and increase its capacity of serving 56,000 people to 260,000 people.

French Montana also donated $100,000 to Suubi and launched an online campaign called #Unforgettable that has helped fund a blood bank, premature incubators, cribs and other maternity supplies.

Credit: www.viperial.com